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About Us
Radiant InfoTech Nepal (P.) Ltd. can help turn ideas into action. Providing technology solutions for 10 years, RITN has been serving small and medium-sized businesses, institutions, and government agencies in and out of the Nepal.

Like many service providers, RITN's background and expertise is fully on web development, tailored Software Development providing a full range of Web & Desktop Solutions.

We believe that Information technologies will greatly shape our new way of thinking and doing. It breaks our traditional boundaries of time and space, enabling us to bring information and content globally and instantly. Growing rapidly both on technology and in popularity, many things done in the old ways are changing their course to the electronic way.

With our experiences, we serve best in the field of Information technology with our strengths in programming in different languages such as ASP, Java (J2EE), PHP and database designing and implementation in different Database management systems such as MSSQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, etc. and Website Design , Hosting & domain name Registration

Unlike most others, we also have in-depth knowledge and experience in Networking & hardware maintenance and support; especially we serve the corporate clients.
We believe: "Rule number one: The customer is always right. Rule number two: If the customer is wrong, see rule number one!" - Steve Leonard

Our Mission

We measure our success by your satisfaction...
In the rapidly changing high technology world, many companies measure success only in terms of: revenue growth, quarterly earnings, and market share. RITN deals in the high web based technology world of modern information and business management.

So, short-term growth, and closing a business agreement at any cost, is not what RITN is all about. RITN is truly concerned about our clients' business, especially:
About quality and value, but our values are very simple but dynamic.
We work with our clients for the long-term to help achieve their goals.
Our goal is to help people, businesses, organizations, and governments to develop solid, functional, and beneficial information Sharing & implementation of various commercial, Social and economical concepts through web technology.
RITN is built on founding principles of honesty, fairness, quality, dedication, and results.
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